Originally designed in 1992, Glenn Rhodes created a multi-use park with modular features consistent with parks of the time. Though for the next couple decades skatepark design and construction would see massive progression, Rhodes would keep a 23 year legacy of wooden/metal ramps, a flat bar, a fun box, and the later addition of a few ledges and a beloved brick bank. Though the park has always garnered respect for it’s simplistic yet functional charm, around 2005 members of the skate community and local business owners decided to rally together in support of giving Rhodes the face lift it deserved. Thus spawned the BSA (Boise Skateboard Association). 10 years of raising funds and awareness lead to a generous donation from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation which allowed for construction and completion of the newly revamped park in 2016. Conceptual design as well as construction was done by Grindline Skateparks with direction from the BSA and the Boise skate community. Rhodes Park is 1.28 acres with 40,000 sq ft of skateable space making it a number 1 contender for largest skatepark in the NW rivaling only Lincoln City!  The park was built with progression in mind offering features for the first timer wanting to break in that Christmas complete, all the way to the heaviest of rippers. Rhodes favors street only slightly in square footage and has one of the most comprehensive and well planned hybrid flow bowls that exist today. The BSA would like to that the Boise skateboard scene and all those who support it. We would not have this world class park without you!