Josh davis (president)

Josh Davis began skateboarding in Boise in the 80’s. He has always advocated for skateboarding including when it was banned downtown to seeing Rhodes Park to completion. Skateboarding has helped guide him in social aspects like inclusion and resilience as well as lessons and practices that help him in his professional career. From managing companies to now owning JD’s Bodega in downtown Boise, skateboarding will always play an important role in his life.

Paul Whitworth (Vice President)

Paul grew up in Boise and has been skateboarding and snowboarding for nearly 28 years. He has co-owned Prestige Skateboards with longtime pal Greg Goulet since 2004 and is one of the founding board members of the BSA. He was instrumental in the efforts to build Fort Boise Skatepark, including the design. He has been involved with various upgrades to Rhodes Skatepark over the last 20 years, and is super excited to see the new Rhodes finally living up to the potential we all knew it had.

Greg Goulet

Born in Boise, Greg has been skating since the late 80’s and is infatuated with skateboarding and its subculture. He is a founding member of the BSA and loves snowboarding in the wintertime. Currently, Greg is the co-owner of Prestige Skateboards. He enjoys Treefort, tiny houses, riding bikes, and surfing the ocean in his occasional surfing trips.

Lori Wright

Former co-owner operator of Newt and Harolds. a snowboard skateboard shop from 1985 to 2014.  She was a founding member of the Boise Skateboard Association. Rhodes Park remodel was a gigantic gift to Boise from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation and Lori is grateful she got to be involved with the project through the Boise Skateboard Association. She is looking forward to seeing neighborhood skate spots and new parks developments throughout Boise.   She snowboards, hikes, jogs slowly, and generally enjoys’ life with her family and friends.  

Chris Heise

Chris, a Boise native, has worked in the Skateboard/Snowboard industry since 1990 and is sole owner of The Boardroom, a family based skateboard and snowboard shop (est.1995) with locations in both Boise and McCall, Idaho. Chris is a founding member of the Boise Skateboard Association and involved in many community skateboard/snowboard related events. “The mountains are where he feels most at home with a passion for snowboarding, the outdoors and sharing adventures along the way with friends and family”.

Lucas Erlebach

Lucas was born and raised in Star, Idaho. After 19 years of skateboarding, near and far, he has ended up in Boise. Lucas worked to design and fundraise, with the help of his father and many others, the Tom Erlebach Skatepark in Star. Lucas co-owns 2 businesses inspired by skating, with 3 locations in Boise, Idaho. (Push and Pour and Americana Pizza).  Lucas is thrilled to be a part of the Boise Skateboard Association and bring his insight, enthusiasm, and drive to the board. 

Charlie Allen

Charlie was born in Boise and has been frequenting Rhodes as a skateboarder since the early 90’s. He worked at Newt and Harolds while attending Boise State where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He has since built a career in the skateboard industry, and now finds himself as the Global Sale Director for Welcome Skateboards working remotely here in town. His wife Ciara gave birth to their daughter Louise, December 2019 and he is loving being a father. He was involved in early fundraising for the Rhodes revamp and has been a board member since 2017.

Whitney Crystal

Some say that they found skateboarding and it changed their lives, or maybe that skateboarding found them. For Whitney it was a little bit of both.
Whitney grew up on the same street as a skatepark in Rexburg, ID. At about 9 years old, in the late 90’s,  I literally found a skateboard that was left behind and unclaimed. Whitney had long begged her parents for a board. This gave the once dream a true set of wheels and changed her life, skating nearly every day since. (Thanks to the person who left their skateboard 20 years ago.)
She moved to Boise in 2016 making Rhodes her home away from home and becoming one of the only girl riders for Prestige Skateshop. Other pastimes include riding motorcycles, and snowboarding. She obtained a bachelors degree from BSU and currently works as an MRI technologist.
Skating has helped shape Whitney into the person she is today. She is passionate about making a place for, and representing women in skating. She is usually involved in planning women’s events in the community.

Kellie Wright Whitlock

Kellie has been in the skateboard and snowboard community for many years and previously worked as a snowboard coach and manager at High Cascade Snowboard Camp for almost 20 years. She is a step-mom to skater boys and her husband, Matt, also skates. Kellie and her family also enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, and dirt biking. She has an extensive background in working and volunteering for nonprofit organizations while focusing on fundraising, building partnerships, community outreach efforts, grant writing, and event planning and management. She has worked on many campaigns, but one that is close to her heart is the Rocker Memorial Skatepark project, a state-of-the-art 25,000 foot skatepark in Truckee. Kellie is a founding member who worked to get the project off the ground and initially approved by the Recreation and Park District. Kellie loves the outdoors and wholeheartedly understands what a skatepark or other outdoor spaces can to do improve and shape our lives in the most positive way.


Kenny Lock-Smith started skateboarding in the 80s after watching the Bones Brigade video “The Search for Animal Chin.” He’s been skateboarding, snowboarding, and waking boarding ever since. In the 90s, Kenny and his friends attended Boise City Council meetings held to discuss the legality of skateboarding in Boise and even testified before the council about how cool skateboarding is. In 1994, Kenny organized an Eagle Scout project to assist with some of the concrete work for the original Rhodes Skatepark. These planters still frame the outside edges of the park today. Kenny continues to skate Rhodes Park and various other parks near Boise, and takes his 4 kids skating with him as often as they let him.